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The End – 2012 D60 Summer Champs


Beautiful Sunday morning.
Despite almost missing another race because of train delays it was all looking good. Clear skies, not too cold and a great feeling of being at the last race of my first karting championship.

I honestly thought I would miss this race as my train was not only delayed but also terminated in Surbiton which is one station before the one I needed. Thanks to a very nice Afeganistan cab driver I managed to get there in time.

As soon as I arrived I noticed a group of around 12 noisy chaps that clearly had never been there before. Very noisy chaps.

Qualifying was nice and I managed to put a few good laps despite the huge amount of yellow flags. Not quite what I wanted but I started in 14th.

My race start was trully crap, before the first corner I had already lost 2 positions which I gained back before the end of the first lap.

After a lap or two I realised that my race would be good. I wasn’t in the first group of racers but I knew I had the pace to fight for positions. That’s a tremendous feeling.

By lap 11 I managed to get down a couple of positions and became 12th. Unfortunately, a lap after that I had a pretty nasty crash. I almost flew out of the car. Very unfortunate.

I was on a fast exit from corner n4 and someone within the top 10 spun in front of me. It was a front facing crash and honestly, I really thought I had broken a rib.

After that I took about two laps to recover and started attacking again. I lost 3 positions in the crash and also lost my connection with the top drivers.

Accidents happen and after that I became more aggressive than ever through the corners, using the car weight to brake the car. I was very focused, feeling the car, the grip, the brakes, smoothly applying the power and making the most of the little engine.

It took me 26 laps to catch up and gain a position. We were now half way through the race.
The kart 21 (Chris Law) got the position back three laps after I passed him and we were then racing each other.

For the next 8 laps it was me chasing him and the pace he had set was really fast. We managed to catch up with two other drivers and gain their position. He was faster than me and unfortunately I didn’t manage to overtake him again.

The last 13 laps were all about trying not to make any mistakes as I was knackered and the rear tyres were struggling a little bit.

I finished 13th overall and 4th heavy weight. The closest I got to a podium this season.
Best lap 51.688 and average speed of 61.21km/h.

The things I learned on this race: being aggressive doesn’t mean not being smooth.
The less turning angle you use to hit the apex the better and exit speed makes a world of difference, specially when you’re 10 kilos heavier than your opponents.

My aim now is to loose weight and get physically prepared for the next season.