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Podium at Rye House GP


This was a hell of a busy week.
When I got home on Thursday evening there was a sensation of mission accomplished, so I decided to reward myself booking a race for Friday at Rye House.

Had the usual disorganisation from the booking site that does not confirm your booking via email, so had to get in touch with them in order to avoid travelling 60 miles and have no fun.

Ana came along  and she liked the spot very much. The racing deco, the bar and the spot to watch the whole track are better then most of the tracks I have been.

At the car park I was spotted by Wayne, the local I challenged last time I was there, and he seemed to have recognised me. We had a brief chat in the changing room where I asked about normal lap times in a dry day. “Around 43s” he says.

I noticed a couple of experienced blokes, with their own racing suits and Arai helmets during the briefing session and thought it would be a good race.

Qualifying was very interesting as there was a constant battle between the top 4 drivers. Every lap I went pass the lap-time board,the grid position had changed. I managed to squeeze a couple of good laps and started in 2nd, having one of the experienced chaps beside me (kart 13).

The start of the race was odd, I had a better start but was squeezed out of racing line by the car 13 (pole) which resulted in both of us losing speed and being overtaken by about 5 cars. Very silly of him.

I took it very easy during the first lap as I knew there would be drivers spinning and there was a possibility of me getting involved as I was now in 6th.
By the end of the first lap I was 4th.

The following 6 laps was a great battle between the kart number 13, the kart number 9 and myself.
The race leader, kart number 14, had a good gap ahead of us.

By lap 10 the battle was between me and the kart 13 for the second position. I held it about 20 laps but towards the end there was a constant battle between us two. The battle was so good that we managed to lap the local boy (Wayne, 4th place) and catch the leader at the very last lap.

Finished the race in 3rd with a gap of less than 2 seconds from race leader.
Unfortunately no GoPro footage as they don’t allow cameras at Rye House.

Good fun.