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Next race: Rye HouseĀ 
I’m really looking forward to this Saturday race at Rye House. Looks like a very fast track with great corners and quick chicanes. A proper 60 minutes race, can’t wait.



Racing Kit


Alright, I know I don’t really need this to be at the podium every time I race but I’m convinced it will help. Not having to smell those terrible racing suits they give us to wear is already a great thing. Used Sparco K-5 Level 2 racing suit, new Sparco K-Formula racing boots and Freem karting gloves.

Daytona D60 – First Winter Race
After 4 months without racing I have started 2013 with nice Sunday race at Daytona Sandown. My first race during the winter, dump and cold weather with very slippery track.

The day started well as I got to drive to the track instead of doing the usual bus+train combo I was used to. A very pleasant drive from Putney with no traffic at all.
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The End – 2012 D60 Summer Champs


Beautiful Sunday morning.
Despite almost missing another race because of train delays it was all looking good. Clear skies, not too cold and a great feeling of being at the last race of my first karting championship.

I honestly thought I would miss this race as my train was not only delayed but also terminated in Surbiton which is one station before the one I needed. Thanks to a very nice Afeganistan cab driver I managed to get there in time. Continue Reading

Overweight but excited

Glad that I remembered today to book my ticket and there were still places available for tomorrow’s race. I missed the last race because I left it to buy the day before and all places were already taken. Very frustrating.

Not this time. I got the booking done and with it came the though of “Shit, I’m overweight”.

I know this isn’t the right thing to think because at the end of the day what really matters is to have fun. Not for me, as I don’t really know how not to be competitive.

With that thought in mind, I decide to practice a bit of racing line and karting techniques on Gran Turismo 5. It makes you feel good and you get to practice the karting way of driving but it does not give you the full experience of getting shit scared with late breaking and neither does replicate the amount of effort you have to put on to steer those little things.

Still, it’s great fun and took alway the lazy driver inside me. It also reminds you that when you have no power to spare you have to maximise entry and exit speed in order to go faster.

I’m really looking forward to it as this might be the last race of the D60 summer champs.
Hopefully it won’t rain.

The very first, fully wet race

This blog was something I wanted to start so I could keep record of my race analysis as I have an extremely bad memory. No better way to start it than writing about a race full of drama.

I woke up, it was warm and dry, I had my boiled egg and had a quick look at the sky. It didn’t look that bad so I thought why not wear that white shorts and blue t-shirt? They matched the trainers too.

Did the usual commuting (train+bus+long walk) and as soon as I got at Esher station I started regretting the fact I was wearing white shorts. Then, instantly, I thought that if the rain did not stop I’d have a pretty miserable race as I had no experience on racing in the rain.
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