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Overweight but excited

Glad that I remembered today to book my ticket and there were still places available for tomorrow’s race. I missed the last race because I left it to buy the day before and all places were already taken. Very frustrating.

Not this time. I got the booking done and with it came the though of “Shit, I’m overweight”.

I know this isn’t the right thing to think because at the end of the day what really matters is to have fun. Not for me, as I don’t really know how not to be competitive.

With that thought in mind, I decide to practice a bit of racing line and karting techniques on Gran Turismo 5. It makes you feel good and you get to practice the karting way of driving but it does not give you the full experience of getting shit scared with late breaking and neither does replicate the amount of effort you have to put on to steer those little things.

Still, it’s great fun and took alway the lazy driver inside me. It also reminds you that when you have no power to spare you have to maximise entry and exit speed in order to go faster.

I’m really looking forward to it as this might be the last race of the D60 summer champs.
Hopefully it won’t rain.