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Goodbye 12/13 D60 Winter champs.

It’s always good to finish something with that feeling of “I want more…”

The final race of the winter champs was full of surprises. We had 30 drivers on track and only two or three that were not the usual suspects.

The first surprise was at the briefing session where it was revealed they would be running a different track configuration then the usual. Instantly I thought that it would be really nice but my competitive side started to worry a bit.

The fact was that I spent the evening thinking I had to push more, brake less and be smoother on every single corner. I had this picture in my had when I woke up about things I’d do to improve timings.

With the change of track layout everything in my had quickly shifted to this unknown driving line I would have to deal with.

The qualifying had some pretty decent track time with very little yellow flags. The track was dirty and very slippery.
I took me 5 laps to figure out a good racing line throughout the new circuit. When the tires were warmed up, I went for it but it didn’t feel good.

There I was, back in the grid, to start in 24th. How disappointing.
Never mind I thought, its sunny, I’m racing and all I can do is my best.

We were now about 10 laps in the race and I started to noticed that my brakes were not responding well. Specially at the turn 3 and 8.
It was a terrible sensation when putting your foot down and not getting much response of the brakes. I had to start pumping them way he before the corner to see if they would get any better. Not sure why I decided to do that but I can tell you it did not work anyway.

So from that moment on I had to approach some of the corners very carefully and while some others I had to break using the kart weight while sliding sideways.

I also had some really terrible understeer of which I had never experienced with those karts before. Not sure if the chassis was fucked up or front tyres were gone?!

I got used to the new layout and it was fun, not as fast as the usual layout but still, a enjoyable race.

Finished 19th overall and 6th in the heavies. Not brilliant.