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When one door shuts, another opens.

Last Sunday I completed my first D60 Summer Champs, not exactly the way I wanted, but I did.

The D60 is a great Pro Kart championship. The grid is full of very talented drivers which makes it a great place to improve my skills.
The lights are phenomenally quick, and so are the heavies.

Halfway through the championship I realised It wasn’t about learning anymore. I wanted to beat the top guys on my weight class.
I made plan. I wanted to finish in the top three and I almost did it. If I haven’t had problems with my kart in the last race I’d have probably finished the championship in third.

So the learning curve snapped it of my hands. This is racing and now I know how it crap it feels when your kart breaks down 10 laps to the end of a final championship race.

Next year… Watch this space.

Congrats to Jake Butler and Brian Alex!


Not a great start to the Daytona D60 Summer Champs.
Was wrongly black flagged twice by the stewards and had someone crashing into me half way through the race  making me lose all positions I had just recovered.

Apart from that I felt pretty good, fastest lap was 51.204 and my race pace was very consistent.
I look forward to the next race and hopefully I’ll get much closer to a podium position.

Finished in 21st.



Taking off @ Lakeside Karting

Off the ground

Last Saturday I tried for the first time a track called Lakeside in West Thurrock.
My weirdest karting experience so far.

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D60 Winter Champs – Round 6 – Race highlights

Goodbye 12/13 D60 Winter champs.

It’s always good to finish something with that feeling of “I want more…”

The final race of the winter champs was full of surprises. We had 30 drivers on track and only two or three that were not the usual suspects.

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"Racing is life. Everything else is just waiting."


Podium at Rye House GP


This was a hell of a busy week.
When I got home on Thursday evening there was a sensation of mission accomplished, so I decided to reward myself booking a race for Friday at Rye House.

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D60 Winter Champs – Round 5 – Practice

Best Lap 00:51:767. Grid position 17th.
Not the best qualifying.

Challenging new locals


It’s funny, it does not matter if I have done it once or ten times, I always few the race tension in the night before. I try to anticipate everything I can, know about the karts, track, the best lines, read, watch, research. It might be valid though, although I’m not sure how much.

The truth is that up until you get there, behind the wheel and do the first few corners, you will never actually know it.

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